1: 1. Use a hair straightener to quickly iron out shirt collars. 2. Place a rubber band on a stripped screw for better grip. 3. Freeze grapes to chill wine without watering it down.

2: 4. Use a fork to hold tacos upright for mess-free eating. 5. Wrap a wet paper towel around a beverage and freeze. 6. Use a razor to remove pilling from clothing.

3: 7. Place a wooden spoon over boiling pots to prevent spills. 8. Use a muffin tin to hold taco ingredients for a DIY taco bar. 9. Hang scarves and belts on shower rings.

4: 10. Store your phone in a ziplock bag when at the beach. 11. Wrap rubber bands around hangers to prevent clothes from slipping. 12. Use a lint roller to clean up small messes quickly.

5: 13. Place a small magnetic strip on the wall to hold bobby pins. 14. Use a paper clip to hold a broken zipper in place. 15. Use a key ring to keep hair ties organized.

6: 16. Use plastic tabs from bread bags to organize cords. 17. Use a rubber band to keep a door from latching. 18. Cut a tennis ball in half and use as a makeshift jar opener.

7: 19. Use a squeegee to easily remove pet hair from carpets. 20. Place a rubber band around a paint can to wipe off excess paint. 21. Use a rubber band to easily open a stubborn nail polish bottle.

8: 22. Use a toothpaste tube to hold your phone while watching videos. 23. Insert a straw through a cherry to easily pit it. 24. Use a rubber band to open a stubborn jar lid.

9: 25. Use a clothespin to hold a nail in place while hammering. 26. Place a rubber band around a soap dispenser for controlled pumping. 27. use a rubber band to prevent sliced apples from browning.