1: Start your day with a Mediterranean twist! These kid-friendly breakfast ideas are healthy and delicious.

2: Whip up a quick Greek yogurt parfait with fresh fruits and honey for a nutritious start to the day.

3: Pita pockets filled with scrambled eggs, spinach, and feta cheese are a fun and satisfying breakfast option.

4: Make mini omelets in muffin tin cups with cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and olives for a portable morning meal.

5: Satisfy your sweet tooth with almond butter toast topped with sliced bananas and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

6: Bake whole grain muffins with zucchini and carrots for a sneaky way to add veggies to your child's diet.

7: Blend up a refreshing smoothie with frozen berries, yogurt, and a handful of spinach for a nutrient-packed breakfast on-the-go.

8: Serve up a tasty breakfast bowl with quinoa, avocado, black beans, and salsa for a filling and flavorful start to the day.

9: These Mediterranean-inspired breakfast ideas are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters while promoting a healthy lifestyle.