1: Start your day right with these quick and delicious Mediterranean diet breakfasts for busy moms. No cooking required!

2: Greek yogurt parfait with honey, nuts, and berries. A protein-packed, satisfying breakfast in just 5 minutes.

3: Avocado toast with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. A simple, nutritious breakfast that will keep you full all morning.

4: Overnight oats with almond milk, chia seeds, and sliced bananas. Prep the night before for an easy grab-and-go breakfast.

5: Mediterranean quinoa salad with cucumbers, olives, and feta. A refreshing way to start your day with whole grains and veggies.

6: Smoothie bowl with spinach, mango, and Greek yogurt. Packed with greens and fruit for a healthy morning boost.

7: Chia pudding with coconut milk, raspberries, and almonds. A creamy, indulgent breakfast that's also packed with fiber.

8: Energy balls made with dates, nuts, and oats. An easy, portable breakfast for when you're on the go.

9: These 5-minute, no-cook Mediterranean diet breakfasts are perfect for busy moms looking to start their day with healthy and delicious options.