1: "Exotic Ice Cream Flavors" Indulge in unique flavors like durian, basil seed, and lavender for a tasty adventure.

2: "Durian Ice Cream" Experience the bold and creamy taste of durian in this exotic ice cream flavor.

3: "Basil Seed Ice Cream" Try the refreshing and textured basil seed ice cream for a delicious twist.

4: "Lavender Ice Cream" Embrace the floral and aromatic flavors of lavender in this creamy ice cream.

5: "Black Sesame Ice Cream" Satisfy your sweet tooth with the rich and nutty flavor of black sesame ice cream.

6: "Wasabi Ice Cream" Spice up your dessert with the unique and zesty kick of wasabi ice cream.

7: "Avocado Ice Cream" Indulge in the creamy and buttery taste of avocado ice cream for a delightful treat.

8: "Taro Ice Cream" Enjoy the sweet and earthy flavors of taro in this exotic ice cream variety.

9: "Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream" Experience the bold and vibrant taste of matcha green tea in this satisfying ice cream flavor.