1: "Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls: Fresh veggies and protein wrapped in delicate rice paper."

2: "Grilled Lemongrass Shrimp Skewers: Flavorful and healthy snack option for movie night."

3: "Banh Mi Sliders: Mini sandwiches with pickled veggies and savory meats."

4: "Vietnamese Summer Rolls: Light and refreshing appetizer filled with shrimp, herbs, and vermicelli noodles."

5: "Crispy Tofu Bites: Crunchy and satisfying vegan snack for the whole family."

6: "Coconut Caramel Popcorn: Sweet and salty treat with a unique Vietnamese twist."

7: "Green Papaya Salad Cups: Tangy and spicy salad served in individual cups for easy snacking."

8: "Banana Fritters: Deep-fried bananas coated in a light batter, perfect for a movie night dessert."

9: "Vietnamese Iced Coffee Popsicles: Cool down with these coffee-flavored treats, ideal for hot summer evenings."