1: Challenge: Busy Schedule Solution: Prep meals ahead to stay on track with your Mediterranean diet.

2: Challenge: Cravings for Junk Food Solution: Find healthy alternatives like nuts and seeds for a satisfying snack.

3: Challenge: Dining Out Temptations Solution: Choose restaurants with Mediterranean options or ask for substitutions.

4: Challenge: Lack of Variety Solution: Experiment with new recipes and ingredients to keep things interesting.

5: Challenge: Limited Time for Exercise Solution: Incorporate short bursts of activity throughout the day for a boost.

6: Challenge: Dealing with Social Situations Solution: Communicate your dietary needs and bring a dish to share.

7: Challenge: Traveling Solution: Pack nutritious snacks and do research on Mediterranean options at your destination.

8: Challenge: Plateauing Weight Loss Solution: Mix up your routine with different foods and exercises to keep progressing.

9: Challenge: Body Image Struggles Solution: Focus on how you feel rather than numbers on a scale, and practice self-compassion.