1: Title - "Suits Star Gina Torres Addresses Meghan Markle's Golden Globes Absence"

1: Content - Gina Torres, from the hit TV show Suits, was asked about Meghan Markle's absence at the Golden Globes. Torres responded with a blunt statement regarding Markle's decision.

2: Title - "Gina Torres Speaks Out on Meghan Markle's Golden Globes No-Show"

2: Content - When questioned about Meghan Markle's absence at the Golden Globes, Gina Torres didn't hold back. Torres addressed the matter directly, expressing her thoughts on Markle's decision to skip the event.

3: Title - "What Suits Actress Gina Torres Thinks of Meghan Markle Skipping the Golden Globes"

3: Content - Gina Torres, known for her role in Suits, shared her candid response to Meghan Markle's choice of not attending the Golden Globes. Torres' opinion sheds light on the actress's decision.

4: Title - "Gina Torres's Reaction to Meghan Markle Opting Out of the Golden Globes"

4: Content - Meghan Markle's choice to not attend the Golden Globes prompted a strong reaction from Suits star Gina Torres. Discover Torres's unfiltered response to Markle's absence from the prestigious awards ceremony.

5: Title - "Gina Torres's Honest Thoughts on Meghan Markle's Absence from the Golden Globes"