1: Suits star Gina Torres offered her honest insight into Meghan Markle's absence at the Golden Globes.

2: When asked, Torres spoke bluntly about Markle's choice to skip the prestigious awards ceremony.

3: The media buzzed with curiosity on Markle's Golden Globes absence, and Torres didn't hold back.

4: Torres emphasized the significance of Markle's priorities beyond attending glamorous events.

5: In her straightforward manner, Torres recognized Markle's commitment to her royal responsibilities.

6: The Suits actress praised Markle's dedication to her newly acquired royal duties.

7: Torres acknowledged that Markle's absence was a reflection of the Duchess' sense of duty.

8: Having worn the royal shoes, Torres understood the pressures that come with life in the public eye.

9: In conclusion, Torres applauded Markle's focus on her royal role and highlighted her absence as a choice.