1: Title: Tom Holland's Marvel Departure Content: Learn why Tom Holland is no longer part of Marvel and what this means for the future of the franchise.

2: Title: Behind the Split Content: Explore the reasons behind Tom Holland's departure from Marvel and the impact it has on the cinematic universe.

3: Title: Fan Reactions Content: Discover how fans are reacting to Tom Holland's exit from Marvel and their hopes for his future in the industry.

4: Title: Holland's Next Move Content: Find out what projects Tom Holland is working on post-Marvel and his plans for the future of his career.

5: Title: Marvel's Response Content: Learn how Marvel is addressing Tom Holland's departure and their plans to continue the franchise without him.

6: Title: The Future of Spider-Man Content: Explore the possibilities for the Spider-Man character in both the Marvel and Sony universes following Tom Holland's exit.

7: Title: Holland's Legacy Content: Reflect on Tom Holland's impact on the Marvel franchise and his legacy as the beloved Spider-Man.

8: Title: Industry Insights Content: Hear from industry experts on Tom Holland's departure and the implications for the future of superhero movies.

9: Title: Moving Forward Content: Discover how Tom Holland is moving forward after leaving Marvel and his excitement for new opportunities in Hollywood.